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Ethical Hacking

Are there any certificates available?

Yes, of course, we will be providing a Course completion as well as 6 Month Internship Experience Certificate.

Will there be placement assistance?

Yes, our partner Wattlecorp will be giving placement assistance. We will be updating you on Cybersecurity opening across the globe, and we are quite sure that our interns can crack any sort of Cybersecurity interviews because of the rigorous hands-on sessions and real-time industrial projects.

What is the fee for this internship program?

The Fees that is Rs. 75,000/- is a one-time payment that has to be paid while joining the internship program.

Will we be eligible for getting stipend during this internship?

Yes, From 2nd Month onwards every intern will be eligible to get a Stipend of R. 3000/- thereby getting a total of Rs.15,000/- back to the candidate. So the actual investment will be Rs.60,000/-.

I don't have any technical background, is it the right program for me?

Of course. We expect 3 things from our students: be motivated (very motivated), be curious and be social. Passion to learn new creative things. Knowledge of how to use a computer. Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet, the rest of the things can be trained.

What will I be able to build at the end of the 6th month?

You are going to build a career out of this and below are the skills you will learn in this Program.We will train you in Advanced Security Assessments techniques to strengthen your skills in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. We will inbuild the hacker attitude in you, you will also be a part of one the best hacker communities.You will be authoring a minimum of two research papers on various domains like (ICS) Industrial Control System Security, Car Hacking, IoT Security, Blockchain Security. etc.

What is the main difference with other internship program?

Our expert team which consists of intense experience and knowledge will be your mentors. Our intense training methodology and exercise molds you into a ruthless ethical hacker. Industrial exposure during the internship with a chance to work on various industrial security projects. This makes our partner's internship program as an outstanding experience regardless of other numerous internships in the same platforms.

Which companies hire hackers?

Everyone needs a Hacker, offensive security approaches have been adopted by various industrial sectors such as IT, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, Petrochemical Medical Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Online Retail and Telecommunication, etc. According to Eric Geier, writing for PCWorld, government and business organisations are now hiring ethical hackers, also known as white hackers, to prevent data theft. CBS News reported on the hacker hiring phenomenon, bringing out the example of a firm called Bugcrowd.


How has the current pandemic situation altered the methodology of training?

We, at Infimind Institute, have shifted our sessions from offline/classroom training to online, live instructor-led sessions.

How does it change the learning curve for the students?

There is absolutely no difference in what and how you learn. The teaching method hasn’t changed, only the medium has changed.

What is the point of upskilling amidst layoffs and global economic crisis?

We absolutely agree with the point the current situation is grim. But, we also believe the situation isn’t going to be the same always. Post Covid-crisis, all the industries will thrive and how can organizations function without skill. Of course, skilled workforce will be in high demand post the pandemic situation.

Will there be job openings for the skills I learn from you?

We constantly have been following ads from hirers and from June we have been seeing consistent rise in the number of vacant positions and job openings. Do look into Indeed and LinkedIn openings and you will get an idea of what we are referring to.

What are the prerequisites to learn from online?

A laptop or desktop, web camera, microphone, and a stable internet connection.

How will I be able to clarify my doubts?

As mentioned earlier, there is absolutely no difference between offline and online session, and you can get your doubts clarified as and when it arises, or at the end of the session, or even in the online portal using your student credentials anytime you have a doubt.

What if I miss few minutes of class due to internet connectivity issue?

No issues. We record all the sessions completely and it is uploaded in the student portal. You can access the recordings at your convenience.

Is there a relaxation in fee/payment?

We, at Infimind Institute, wanted to be socially responsible at this hour of global crisis, and we have slashed the price of the course to make it affordable to our candidates. Further, we are offering 12-month no cost EMIs for any fee above Rs. 5000 as opposed to no EMIs or maximum of 6 months no cost EMIs that were provided earlier.

How convenient is the student platform?

Our platform is A to Z for you relevant to the course. You log in to the platform to attend the class, access the recordings, refer to the notes uploaded by the faculty, check your assignments, upload your completed assignments, ask your doubts, and get it clarified. But nonetheless, Infimind Institute and Faculty would be available any time you need any kind of assistance.

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