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When should I come? (by season)

The surf season runs all year long with consistent swells coming in from the South Pacific. So any time is a good time to come to El Salvador. But, if you are looking for bigger swell, some times of the year are better than others. El Salvador’s coast faces south, so it only gets south and southwest swell — which means summertime energy hits El Salvador's coast at a fantastic angle, generating long, well-shaped point waves and rad beach breaks. Spring through fall is the best time of the year for waves, and don’t be surprised if you luck into a swell that puts a knot in your stomach. WINTER Winter is the dry season, which comes accompanied smaller surf. This is a great time for beginner and low-intermediate surfers. Also a great time to get away from the cold in North America and Europe! SPRING Spring is El Salvador’s glory season. Because it’s the tail end of the dry season it’s not too rainy, and the arrival of the first south swells of the year see the points fire on all cylinders. March through May is the sweet spot according to frequent travelers. SUMMER Summer is the wet season and also when the biggest surf arrives from the Southern Hemisphere. If you’re traveling during the summer, bring your rain gear, and expect to see the surf at some of the points occasionally grow to 15 feet…and hold. FALL The rainy season begins to taper down in toward the end of Fall but that doesn’t mean you won’t still happen into some incredible waves and some wild weather.

Water Temperature

Water temps change very little, remaining at a constant 80F year-round, so don’t worry about packing too much — maybe a vest or a springsuit if you’re thin-skinned — even in the dead of winter.

When should I come? (by surf level)

FOR EXPERIENCED SURFERS For experienced surfers looking for bigger waves at the world-class point breaks, best conditions are generally from April to October (sometimes in March and November too). These swells lead to waves that are 6-10ft or more and hold! Medium sized swells of 3-5ft are a great size in El Salvador as it's a size where it feels "everywhere" is working from the point breaks to the reefs to the beach breaks. Days like these are regular, all year round. The waves are still fun from November to March with lots of 3-4ft days which is a fun size for the various beach break options and some of the point breaks too. Sometimes a bigger (4-6ft) swell can still come through this time of year too. FOR INTERMEDIATE SURFERS For intermediate surfers wanting manageable waves, best conditions are generally from October to April (swells generally range from 2-5ft). You can still find manageable days during the bigger wave season from April to October however we'll plan surf sessions around the best location for you and the right tides. Mid-December to mid-February is typically the smallest wave period of the year with most days around 2-3ft. This is still a super fun time of year as it is the best weather (always sunny and hot) and the water is at it's clearest. FOR BEGINNER SURFERS For beginners surfers wanting small and safe waves to learn on, the best conditions are generally from October to April. You can still find manageable days during the bigger wave season from April to October however we'll plan surf sessions around the best location for you and the right tides. December to March is a great time to visit due to the combination of smaller swells (ideal for learning) and great weather.

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